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wikicoinsteam 1 hours ago
RT @VitalikButerin: @fnietom Simple thought experiment to show that the fee market is NOT a regular "market where users pay for their own s…
wikicoinsteam 9 hours ago
RT @Whyrusleeping: The next reset of the Filecoin testnet will include an implementation of EIP1559. I think its a critical improvement to…
wikicoinsteam 10 hours ago
Analysts Fear an Ethereum Drop to $300 As Price Becomes “Heavy”
wikicoinsteam 11 hours ago
How U.S. Restrictions on Wechat & Other Chinese Brands Could Boost Crypto
wikicoinsteam 13 hours ago
Online event on in-protocol randomness, I'll be participating
wikicoinsteam 14 hours ago
XRP Breaking Past This Crucial Resistance Could Trigger 45% Rally: Trader
wikicoinsteam 15 hours ago
RT @haydenzadams: Excited to announce our Series A!!! We are thrilled to welcome @a16z crypto, @usv, @VersionOneV…
wikicoinsteam 15 hours ago
I love how people have been so awkwardly trying to press ethereum on its lack of a preset "21 million"-like hard ca…
wikicoinsteam 18 hours ago
Monero, Ethereum Classic, Tezos Price Analysis: 07 August